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Les Petits Grands is proud to produce Montessori furniture and accessories that are delightfully playful and foster a child’s imagination, stimulating the development of their creativity and unique character.

Our Montessori Cottage bed can be transformed into a magical hideaway, castle, spaceship, etc. The experiences for your ‘little grown-ups’ are as varied as their imaginations!


Les Petits Grands in a nutshell :

  • High-Quality Hevea Solid Wood
  • European Safety Standards
  • Durable Paint imported from Germany with European standards certificates deeming it safe to be in contact with newborns and infants
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easily dismantled and rebuilt should the need arise to move all around the world with you


Length 212cm

Depth 106cm

Height 180cm




This lovely bed with a canopy and extra room creates a space within a space. A floor bed is really encouraging for the kids’ independence, and also very family-friendly when it comes to bedtime.  A little flower crate next to the porch is a perfect finishing touch.

Multifunctional nursery design

The little house design is a timeless classic that will fit seamlessly into any nursery. The white color remains in trend and works great with any interior. Combine this bed with your own pieces or pick the coordinating Montessori furniture such as chairs, tables, and shelves from the Les Petits Grands collections. 


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With just a few touches of distinctive accessories, you can turn your child’s bed into an even more welcoming and warm place. Give your kids the enjoyment of the world made for them as for the little adults. 


Why is Montessori furniture good for kids?

Simply put, the furniture of Les Petits Grands stimulates the senses, increases the child's balance and movement ability. It creates the best conditions for the development and creativity of the child.

Inspired by the work of famous Italian psychologist and doctor Maria Montessori, we know that a child's development comes from comfort, self-determination, and autonomy. 

This teaching method prepares the child to be a responsible and independent adult. Moreover, it allows each individual to get acquainted with friends, surroundings and live in harmony with everyone in the best way. Children are individuals in their own right at each stage of life. Life allows the child to act independently, to learn many things from the world around him. Equipping the nursery with the Montessori furniture ensures the baby’s access to exploration.

With our furniture, designed with carefully calculated dimensions and shapes, children are able to use them comfortably during study time, meal times, and activities. Through these comfortable motions, kids learn more self-control, which creates the conditions for their best development. 

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Montessori furniture in Vietnam with European design

Les Petits Grands is a European-designed, European-ran brand of furniture and accessories for children's rooms. We bring simplicity and playfulness to the room and keep it functional and highly versatile. 


Unique craft

The warmth of natural materials here is combined with the perfected craftsmanship. This Montessori cottage bed is safe and sturdy. We carefully designed all fixtures and parts to make sure they will withstand years and years of your kids' tough love. 


About Les Petits Grands

Our furniture store represents makers of the best-selling Montessori beds and furniture. Everything is made following the strict European quality standards. We bring our own safety-approved water-based paint from Germany to Vietnam to ensure that all our products here are perfectly safe for your babies to sit on, snuggle in, and occasionally lick.

As the inspiration for all the Les Petits Grands creations, we get our ideas from the kids. Our philosophy is that every kid in the age between toddlers and teens grows and nourishes in their own magic world. We are happy to bring safe and friendly Montessori furniture to these worlds. 

Order and shipping

You can order via the checkout on this page. You can also come to one of our showrooms in Hochiminh City or call us. After placing the order and completing the payment, kindly leave your address and phone. We will be happy to do the shipping and assembly for you within Vietnam. 

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