About us

Inspired by daughter Sofia’s bubbly and mischievous personality, Les Petits Grands has been created and crafted by French mum, Marion Harti.

After hearing 3-year-old Sofia’s words “Je suis une petite grande, moi” – translated with ‘hands firmly on hips’ to a very sassy “I am a little grown-up”, Marion knew she had just found her brands’ creative director!

At these wonderful stages of childhood, somewhere between toddlers and teens, our ‘little grown-ups’ are indeed determined individuals with minds of their own – flourishing in their own enchanting worlds.
In a state of grace in which they express their carefree nature, where their fantasies have no boundaries, and when marvellous and extraordinary things are their norm – magic truly does happen.

And here at Les Petits Grands we transform that magical inspiration into beautiful creations !

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