Adorable and Functional Design



Les Petits Grands furniture and accessories are delightfully playful and foster a child’s imagination, stimulating the development of their creativity and unique character.

Known as the makers of the finest boys beds and beds for girls, Les Petits Grands now boasts a whole interior collection made for your little ones.  

As well as the exclusivity, and visual charm of our furniture, we take proud in the smart design of all our pieces. 


Incredibly multi-functional beds for kids and nursery furniture  

A blackboard and storage integrated into our writing desk - just think of how convenient it is to teach your little one to write or draw. 

We do not make a difference between boys beds or beds for girls. Instead, each of our beds can be transformed from a bed to a house to a magical hideaway. The experiences for your ‘little grown-ups’ are as varied as their imaginations. No need to splurge on the playhouse, which means even more value for money for you. 

Our kid-friendly shelves can be easily used for the library corner, as a Montessori style toy display. Together with the adorable kid-sized chairs, they will make a memorable happy place for your kids. 

The accessories such as mirrors, pillows, whimsical sculptures and lovely prints create the atmosphere filled with the cute fantasies and bubbling love. 

What more could you ask for! 

But there is more.


Adorable kids beds, chairs, and tables of outstanding quality

Les Petits Grands also cares about parents, so we have intended our furniture to be

  • easy to clean and maintain 
  • have a strong quality
  • stylish & contemporary 

All of our chosen fabrics must withstand being used and washed over and over again. Because, let’s be honest, our perfect little ones can be pretty grubby.

And yes, we know that parents still like to stay stylish when shopping for kids furniture. That’s why our textiles come in a range of contemporary colours. They will match the playful world of your child and suit your personal taste all at the same time.


Les Petits Grands furniture is so good, you will not want to part with it

Want to save your boys’ beds for the cousins? Don’t want to leave the beds for girls behind when moving the house? We know how the magic of childhood memories can create the emotional attachment to the loved pieces. That is why we thought it through and decided to make life simpler for everyone. All of our furniture can be easily dismantled and rebuilt should the need arise.


Our nursery accessories make you believe in wonders

What is a common thing between boys beds and beds for girls? They’re staples, but they’re not everything. We created our lovely accessories to fill up the nursery with the warm and soft and supple details. 

Lions, unicorns, and elephants will inhabit the whimsical world created by your children’s imagination. The water hyacinth is our go-to material, as it is natural and brings a whole new sensory experience to the space.

Pick between our designer chairs or chunky bean bags to create sitting areas with a character. And to highlight the unique character of your child (and provide some weapons for a good pillow fight) throw in some shaped cushions with the theme-matching patterns, and voila! 

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