Montessori Inspired

We strive to stimulate the toddler’s senses, balance and motor skills giving the child the best conditions to develop and find new adventures !

Under the influence of Maria Montessori, famous Italian psychologist and doctor, we know that the development of the child is a major asset as well as comfort.

This pedagogy is intended to prepare the child to become a responsible and autonomous adult. Moreover, it allows each individual to become familiar with his peers, his environment and to live in harmony with himself. The child is an individual in his or her own right, and every stage of life allows the child to act independently, to learn things from the world around him or her.

Schools equipped with this pedagogy offer children an individualized education that follows their evolution at their own pace.

With our furniture, fitted to its size, your child will be comfortably installed, free of his gestures during his learning time or during his meals and/or activities. S/he will feel more responsible and more autonomous!

All Les Petits Grands kids products - armchairs, shelves, tables, beds, – are made with the ultimate attention to detail from only the best and safest materials.

The unique feature of our products is an unmistakable imaginative approach aligned with the Montessori guidelines.  European-designed playroom furniture creates cohesive spaces for the kids to thrive in. 

Our products are created with the Montessori furniture principles in mind: 

  • open accessible shelving 

  • low-level mirrors and storage 

  • floor level beds 

  • child-scaled chairs and tables

We are happy to provide not only the kids’ furniture, but also the decor elements, interior pieces, and full playroom experience for the “little grown-ups”. 


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