Safe Materials

We select materials with the utmost care.


Decorating your baby’s playroom or upgrading your nursery for the big kid is an exciting part of being a parent. Getting to arrange the space to nurture their personality is a very special experience. Yet, while you would always remember to double-check the baby clothes, teethers, and toys for the toxins, furniture safety can sometimes be overlooked. But it should never be! 

When it comes to kids beds, you should be extra careful since it’s the place where little ones spend a huge part of their time in the closest contact with the materials used. So your best bet is to find a brand that uses non-toxic materials, and then buy a furniture set from them.



Our kids beds and other furniture are exclusively made of high quality and eco-friendly Hevea Solid Wood. It is designed to incorporate high levels of safety and durability to survive any ‘little grown-up’ activity or adventure!

Solid wood refers to natural lumber while the term ‘engineered wood’ refers to wood-based materials such as MDF Board and Plywood. While solid wood consists of wood only, engineered wood is a mixture of real wood, veneers, fibers, resin, and adhesives. The latter may vary in quality, often involving toxic ingredients. 

At an early age, your child should not be exposed to toxic products or smells, all the more so coming from kids beds. Hevea solid wood is a healthy, solid, durable, and ecological wood. Above all, it doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, emissions (unlike plywood furniture does). 

Safety First for our Petits Grands!

Hevea is a plantation hardwood timber with the high density and strength of the White Oak. Thanks to its great density and durability, it can withstand multiple external pressure factors such as temperature, moisture, and air. Not to say the physical pressure - something that happens with kids beds on a daily basis.

In addition most of the wood we are using for our furniture is the wood from large sustainable forests located in Vietnam.


Lacquer paint

Furniture made from wood, including our kids beds range, is painted with lacquer paint 2-3 times. The result is a silky smooth surface that is both soft to the touch and nice to look at. 

We use only water-based lacquer paint in order to protect your children and the environment, preventing harmful substance emissions.

All our lacquers are tested and approved to comply with the European standard EN71-3 (Directive 2009/48/EC and its Amendment Council Directive (EU) 2017/738, Commission Directive (EU) 2018/725 - EN71-3: 2019)



When picking the fabric for kids beds accessories and bedding, parents want it to be the safest, softest, and most comfortable material. For the hotter climates, cotton and organic cotton are the best choices available, as they are naturally cooling and extremely breathable.

Les Petits Grands linens are 100% cotton and carefully chosen for both their quality of weaving and visual style. We only choose soft and sumptuous materials such as cotton, satin, and percale to ensure your precious little ones have nothing but the sweetest dreams.

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