Les Petits Grands in a nutshell

Since the start of Les Petits Grands, we have been aiming to bring European standards of quality to all families throughout Vietnam. And, we did it!


The principles of Les Petits Grands kids' furniture: 


  • High Quality and Eco-Friendly Hevea Solid Wood ( No MDF - No Plywood - No Volatile Organic Compounds )

Les Petits Grands are committed to making all our kids’ furniture from solid Hevea wood only. It is hygienic and safe, and aside from many other benefits, it is also one of the most sustainable wood choices. 

Kids’ furniture in Vietnam is oftentimes made of plywood or MDF. Yet, there is a reason to avoid these materials in the nursery. As MDF boards start crumbling, harmful chemicals from them get into the dust, on the bedding and toys. As the baby inhales this dust (or licks it from the floor), the chemicals get to the lungs and may cause respiratory problems. 

  • European Safety Standards

In the field of the regulations for kids’ furniture in Vietnam, the safety standards are still vague. Part of Les Petits Grands’ mission is to set up the European standards. All our furniture items are produced in accordance with Europe’s EN 71 and REACH standards for children’s safety. 

  • Durability

When we create the kids’ furniture for families in Vietnam, we know that oftentimes it means multiple siblings, cousins, and friends enjoying it every day in the cozy family home. With this thought, we created sturdy pieces that can withstand any happy activity in the playroom. 

Made of high-quality wood and hardware, Les Petits Grands beds, desks, and shelves are ready to serve generations of little adults from toddlerhood to teen years. 

  • Safe paint

The lacquer paint is imported from Germany with European standards certificates deeming it safe to be in contact with newborns and infants (tested and approved to comply with the European standard EN71-3).

  • Multi-functional

The playful designs ensure that the furniture can interact in different ways, and be re-used in the kids’ room multiple times. The table can be also a playhouse. The bed easily becomes a treehouse or a home theatre setup. We observe how kids come up with different ideas and take inspiration from them. 

  • Easy to clean and maintain

We all know what happens to the kids’ stuff, right? So we ensured that it is really easy to keep up the Les Petits Grands furniture looks at the highest standards with little effort. All surfaces can be washed with soap, and the fabrics from cushions and beanbags come off easily for cleaning. 

  • Easily dismantled and rebuilt should the need arise to move all around the world with you

The quality of all our kids furniture allows it to be easily dismantled and put together, even multiple times. Should you move homes overseas, it will be there for you and keeping priceless memories for your family.

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