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Les Petits Grands Viet Nam

My Cushy Beanbag - Medium Size

My Cushy Beanbag - Medium Size

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Les Petits Grands Cushy Bean Bag, a blend of coziness and style!

Perfect cozy kids furniture for your little ones to cuddle up while reading a book, they will carry it everywhere thanks to its large leather handle. And if any misadventure should happen, you can swiftly remove the cover to wash it with its large zip opening.

Each LPG bean bag is unique, made of high-end imported fabric, carefully chosen for both its quality of weaving and its visual loveliness. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite designs!

The covers and lining are 100% cotton.


∅ 65cm

Height 55cm

Our Cushy bean bag is always there to provide rest or be a part of the play

Les Petits Grands is proud to produce cozy kids furniture and accessories that are delightfully playful and foster a child’s imagination, stimulating the development of their creativity and unique character.

Les Petits Grands in a nutshell :

  • High-Quality Materials
  • European Safety Standards
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Sit your little ones in style 

Pick between our designer chairs or chunky bean bags to create sitting areas with a character for your little adults. To highlight the unique character of your child (and provide some weapons for a good pillow fight), throw in some shaped cushions with the theme-matching patterns, and voila! 


Perfect cozy kids furniture for any room

Irreplaceable for the reading nooks and sweet naps, beanbags are kids’ best friends. The choice of bright designs from unicorns to geometrical patterns will make this seat a favorite one-of-a-kind accessory to have around. 

Our cushion seats have an outer case that can be easily removed and washed - a nice feature when you have little kids around! At the same time, this carefully chosen cotton remains soft and pampering even after multiple cleanings. 


Not your usual kids' furniture store in Vietnam

Les Petits Grands is a European-designed brand of furniture and accessories for children's rooms. We bring simplicity and playfulness to the room, keep it functional and highly versatile. 

See more of our accessories for the playrooms: Decor and Shelving

With just a few touches of distinctive accessories, you can turn your child’s room into the most welcoming and adventurous place. With our fun playroom staples, every day will be filled with role games and adventure. 

Why is kid-sized furniture good for kids?

Simply put, the furniture of Les Petits Grands stimulates the senses, increases the child's balance and movement ability. It creates the best conditions for the development and creativity of the child.

Inspired by the work of famous Italian psychologist and doctor Maria Montessori, we know that a child's development comes from comfort, self-determination, and autonomy. 

This teaching method prepares the child to be a responsible and independent adult. Children are individuals in their own right at each stage of life. Life allows the child to act independently, to learn many things from the world around him. Equipping the nursery with kid-sized furniture ensures the baby’s access to exploration.

The best areas to equip with the beanbags

Beanbags are the stars of the cozy kids’ furniture department. They invite to lay back and relax, and maybe take a little nap. No wonder they have always been parents’ favorite. There are so many areas to use your beanbag:

  • a favorite sunny spot in the apartment
  • interior of a wigwam
  • story-reading corner
  • in the quiet chill-out zone 
  • as a bedstand to catch that last book
  • as a large props in the play area 

About Les Petits Grands

Our furniture store represents makers of the best-selling Montessori beds and furniture. We follow strict European quality standards, carefully choose the best materials for the casings and ensure the filling is safe and hypoallergenic.

As the inspiration for all the Les Petits Grands creations, we get our ideas from the kids. Our philosophy is that every kid in the age between toddlers and teens grows and nourishes in their own magic world. We are happy to bring safe and cozy kids furniture to these worlds. 


Order and shipping

You can order via the checkout on this page. You can also visit one of our showrooms in Hochiminh City or call us. After placing the order and completing the payment, kindly leave your address and phone. We will be happy to do the shipping and assembly within Vietnam for you. 

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