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Les Petits Grands Viet Nam

Bubble Set : My first table and chairs

Bubble Set : My first table and chairs

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My first table and chairs set, with its bubble design, fosters the Montessori approach, suitable for children from 12 months to 4 years old

The set includes two kids chairs and one table, two colors are available: Coral and White.

Size :


Chair : 40cm (Seat 18cm) | Table : 37cm


Chair : 26cm | Table : 60cm


Chair : 24cm | Table : 40cm


Les Petits Grands in a nutshell :

  • High-Quality Hevea Solid Wood
  • European Safety Standards
  • Durable Water-based Paint imported from Germany with European standards certificates deeming it safe to be in contact with newborns and infants
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easily dismantled and rebuilt should the need arise to move all around the world with you

These kids’ chairs and table will look great in your house

The kids’ chairs and table are a must-have for every kid from an early age. As soon as the baby learns to stand up, providing them with their own kid-sized furniture is a really good idea. It will help to build up their independence, which means less work for the parent. 

Anything toddler-related – from eating to scribbling to the blocks building to the tea party – is better done at the table. If you’re looking for a set that will be comfy and encouraging, look no further. 

Bubble-shaped kids' chairs look friendly, and they will never hurt your little one with a sharp corner. The cute rounded shapes add nice energy to the playroom, ensuring a softer ambiance and a feeling of peacefulness. 

Our bubbles set is very sturdy, made of sustainable rubberwood, perfectly finished, and painted with baby-safe paint. We designed it for the best stability and reliability. It will work for years, making a place for your kids to master their very first and most important skills. 

Set up the creative zone in the playroom

Most educators and designers swear by zoning out the creative area in the nursery or playroom. Obviously, the kids' chairs and table set must be the centerpiece for this area.

Making space for the creative projects to "live" for several days will really work up your kid’s ability to plan and finish the projects. Besides, it will help kids to stay on task longer if they can sit down.  

Bubbles table and chair are perfect to place in the creative corner. Pair them up with a couple of shelves for the art supplies. Place it so there's enough space for the whole family to sit around for a craft project. Keep a cling film close to mess-proof whenever you want, and you’ll have lots of fun! 


The kids’ table and chairs from the Les Petits Grands will work perfectly: 

  • At home

  • In the nursery

  • In the library

  • In the group study room

  • At the kids’ zone

  • In the waiting room




The materials we take pride in

Les Petits Grands brand is well-known for our safety policies. We import the paint from Germany and have strict quality control of the manufacture to ensure that you and your kids get truly European quality kids’ furniture in Vietnam. 

1. We only use sustainable top-quality wood to craft our furniture.

2. Everything is designed sturdy enough to withstand both toddlers and big children.

3. We cover it with the safest paints and finishes, to make it safe for babies as young as 0+ months.


Why Montessori approach encourages the use of kid-sized furniture

Educators who work with Maria Montessori’s method, use the child-sized furniture to encourage the love of discovery and self-sufficiency. The closer kids' furniture is to the ground, the less intervention from adults kids will need when getting on with their activities. 

Just like putting kid-sized tables and chairs in the kitchen makes lunchtime easier, equipping the learning area with the right seat and table makes it easier for kids to read or scribble.  

Equipping children with comfortably sized furniture gives them a chance to develop their skills in the right setup, caters to their motor skills, and gives the feeling of confidence and belonging.

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