Our top 9 places to buy kids furniture in Vietnam

Our top 9 places to buy kids furniture in Vietnam

Do you need to buy kids' furniture in Vietnam, but do not know where to look? We can help! Behind Les Petits Grands there is a group of moms who have been living here for a decade now, and we will be happy to share our best tips.

As parents, we know that the need for new furniture arises with kids quite often. Relocations aside, kids grow so fast, that you simply need to update their room at least a couple of times over the early years period. With our advice, you will know where to hunt for the lovely and sturdy furniture options for your little ones.


buy kids furniture in Vietnam nine best places to buy high-quality kids beds chairs and tables 

When shopping for kids’ furniture in Vietnam, you may get set back a little when you find out there is no state regulation about the quality of the kids' products. It's easy to buy furniture off the street, but not that easy to find reliable quality or thought-through design. In the recent years, however, we love to see the new brands establishing themselves on the Vietnam's baby market.

In this post, you will find our favorite local providers of kids’ furniture in Vietnam, and also some good advice about picking the nursery staples. 

What to consider when buying kids’ furniture in Vietnam? 

  1. Look at the quality

  2. Pick for years to come

  3. Buy in sets

  4. Make a centerpiece stand out

  5. Ask about the assembly

the best places to buy kids furniture in Vietnam


Look at the quality 

Sounds obvious? Yet you may want to double-check again. Aside from the usual suspects like wobbly legs and splinters, pay extra attention to the furniture smell. In Vietnam there are no clear policies regulating the manufacture of kids’ goods, which may let manufacturers get off with using hazardous paints and varnishes. If you want to be on the safe side, go with the recognized brands that have all safety certificates. 

Pick for the years to come

Kids grow fast and learn something new every day. With the well-chosen furniture, you will ensure a comfortable multifunctional space for them to thrive in. Make sure to equip the room with the kid-sized chairs and tables. As for the beds, look into full-sized floor beds. Not only they encourage independence but also make life easier for the parents when it's bedtime.

Get in sets

Found a piece you love? Check out if there is other furniture in the collection to complement it. You're likely to be pleasantly surprised. The kids’ furniture sets are usually designed in lovely cohesion. When put together, they make a lovely and finished picture. Furniture sets make the room renovations much easier for busy parents. 

Choose an outstanding centerpiece

The kids’ room can be many things, but the one thing it should not be is boring. Go for the bold choices when choosing the staple pieces. It can be a house-shaped bed, a chalkboard shelving, or a hopscotch carpet. Whenever someone enters the room, they should know at the first glance that this is where imagination, fun, and creativity live.

Ask about the assembly

Before you buy your chosen set make sure to double-check with the store if they will assemble the furniture for you. The bigger sellers will usually do full customer service, but with online purchases, you can never know for sure. If you think there may be a risk that the seller will not do the assembly, a good idea is to ask for user’s manual so that you’d be able to do it yourself. To avoid the hassle, buy from the big stores - like the ones on top of our list. 


Our 9 top places to buy kids furniture in Vietnam

    1. Casa Nha - a behemoth furniture store in the well-known ex-pat area of Ho Chi Minh City, is the place you need. It boasts a nice showroom full of great interior solutions, including the sets of Les Petits Grands kids furniture. You can get all your purchases delivered to any point in Vietnam, and they have an online store, as well. 
    2. JYSK - a Scandi brand with several beds and tables for children to choose from. Bunk beds remain their hit, and great choice of accessories helps to cozy things up. Available to order online, yet the quality is ordinary - jumping on the bed is not recommended.
    3. Les Petits Grands - is known for the staple Montessori Cottage Beds and kid-sized furniture sets made for the “little adults”. Taking pride in the ultimate safety principles, this brand imports 100% baby-safe paint from Germany. All Les Petits Grands furniture meets European standards both in the manufacturing and design, making happy pieces that your kids will enjoy.
    4. Lazada.vn - the saying goes that Lazada marketplace has it all. Not quite. But when it comes to kids’ furniture, you can rely on it for the run-off-the-mill chairs and tables, canopies, teepees and storage items. 
    5. Anawood - this local brand makes a range of modular plywood kids’ furniture. Clever designs of their pieces work very well in the playrooms and the older kids’ bedrooms. Minimalistic looks create staple interior pieces without being too overwhelming. The brand is very pro-customer, so you can always message them with your custom orders. 
    6. Hand-me-down market - we just could not leave it out. Anyone looking to buy kids’ furniture in Vietnam should know that there are tons of beds, shelves, and tables circulating in the community. If you’re looking for the imported IKEA children tables, sturdy bunk beds, or crib cots, the re-sell communities in social media is your best shot to get what you’re looking for. 
    7. Shopee.vn - moms report the choice of the baby stuff on Shopee marketplace being more rich than on the other marketplaces. This is the place for the accessories, lighting, and decor in particular. We love the friendly interface. Quite some makers and sellers with some good taste there, yet be ready to use a lot of google translate. 
    8. Ngo Gia Tu street, or The furniture street in Ho Chi Minh City. If you’re looking at the cheaper end of the furniture market, go straight to the furniture street – a shadowy road in central Saigon. Here you can find cribs and school desks at very affordable prices. Many pieces are miniature and overdecorated, but you can still hunt around for a good find. We love the sturdy shelving sold here.
    9. Baya - is considered a Vietnamese IKEA-like brand. They sell online and in stores. Here you can find some good kids’ tables and chairs made of sustainable rubber wood. Top it off with the great choice of stuffed animals.


When you want to buy kids’ furniture in Vietnam, it can be a journey. Do not let the imperfections set you back, though. Try searching through the big stores, discovering local European-designed brands, or browsing the second-hand market. You can find the real gems here to make your kids’ room a really special place. 

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