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Les Petits Grands Viet Nam

My Marvellous Armchair

My Marvellous Armchair

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Les Petits Grands Marvellous Armchair Collection is comfy and charming!

Cozily seated, your children will be delighted to read a book or to watch their favorite cartoon! Our armchairs are also particularly sturdy and steady to survive any ‘little grown-up’ activity or adventure.

Les Petits Grands Marvellous Armchair is unique designer kids furniture, made of high-end imported fabric, carefully chosen for both its quality of weaving and its visual loveliness. Make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite designs!

Patterned Ecotex cotton fabric from our wide selection, tailored made on demand : production lead-time one week to 10 days.


Depth 46 cm

Width 46 cm

Height 62 cm

Suitable for children from 1,5 yo to 10 yo.

Designer kids furniture for your stylish tots

Good taste starts from childhood experiences. That’s why at Les Petits Grands we pay ultimate attention to the stylish designs and top-notch materials. We believe that surrounding your babies with nice things from an early age develops their aesthetic feeling and makes every day feel a little better. 

Not only our Marvelous armchair looks great. It is also aligned with the Montessori principles for the upbringing of self-sufficient and independent kids. It is perfectly sized for toddlers and kids, so even little ones can climb in and out without an adult’s help. Isn’t it great? Convenient kid-scaled furniture means less hassle for the parents, and more autonomy for the kid. 

The classic design of this armchair will look beautiful in any interior. We also provide a selection of premium durable upholstery fabric in various patterns and colors. This way you can always pick the looks to suit your house interior best. 

Kids armchair benefits

It encourages creative play, independent self-service, and quiet time activities. It’s available in a full range of colors, so you can match it with the furniture you already have, or let your kid choose and express their own personality. 

The benefit of designer kids’ furniture is that one piece can immediately turn any room into a one-of-kind space. This armchair will make the unbeatable centerpiece for the reading area, cozy nook, or TV corner. 

But there’s more than just design in the proper designer kids’ furniture. One thing that makers must keep in mind is the health requirements, and we surely did. Your kid will love how soft and comfortable the chair is, and you can rest assured that they will remain in a relaxed and healthy position while watching their favorite cartoons. 



How to combine the furniture and accessories in your kids’ room?

The easiest way to combine the furniture and accessories for your kids’ room is to pick one theme and stick to it. The theme can include colors, materials, textures, and pictures. 

If you’re looking to create a Jungle theme, tropical foliage and woven carpets will be your best bet. If your favorite theme is the high-tea party, then a couple of Marvelous armchairs, a mirror, and vintage Alice-in-Wonderland illustrations will create exactly the vibe you’re looking for. 

Not sure about your designer skills? No problem at all. We specifically created the themed collections to make life easier for all busy parents. Just get the matching furniture, carpets, and decor, add some personal touches like the favorite plushies, and your dream room is ready. 



Where to use the Marvelous armchair?

This armchair is sized to work best for kids from 18 months to 10 years old. This means you can use, re-use, and hand down this chair for years. This is a great memorabilia piece to keep in the family, pass to cousins, and take the yearly pictures in. The sturdy design will withstand any activities, and the heavyweight upholstery covers are easy to clean. 

Here are several ideas about where the Marvelous armchair will fit best: 

  • Reading nook
  • TV & videogames corner
  • Craft room 
  • Library 
  • Waiting room 
  • Photobooth 
  • Playroom
  • Living room kids corner

Care Manual

  • Wipe the wooden legs with a damp rag to remove any dust or dirt. Wipe again with a dry soft rag to ensure there is no moisture left on the finish. 
  • Spot clean fabric using the water-based cleaner. Always test on the inconspicuous area first. 
  • We recommend using mild water-based cleaning products to avoid any damage to the armchair. 
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